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Robert from Alabama (14lp)

Thanks Jeffrey. Took it out on the lake this past weekend. Handles like a dream. Planning a tripthrough the Everglades next year. Looking forward to learning the ins and outs of the boat. Talk to you soon.



Wow, Cant begin to tell you how much I love the kayak, it realy has become my favorite. Love the way it handles and slices through the choppy water. Its fun, stable and easy to lift and paddle. A real eye catcher. I am constantly being asked where I got  it   and some times what is it ?

Thanks again... youved raised kayaking to a new level

Mike Xirinachs   CBS News Radio

I took my Rawson 16 on a trip from Montauk NY to Block Island RI on July 16 2011 with a friend. Although the conditions were mild to test the boat in surf conditions , it performed Great. The boat is very responsive and stable.

Nice boat , Nice trip

Regards Richard Weingard  

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Hey Jeffrey,
I was out paddling today.  Had a great time.  The seat back that you sent me is much improved and I am very thankful to you. 
I was out on the bay.  Seas 2-3 feet, winds about 25 knots.  The kayak performed beautifully upwind, down and cross; seas ahead, abeam and following.  The boat tracks and is stable.  I'm so happy that the boat doesn't "round up."
I am slowly but surely getting to know the boat. 
 All the best.


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